Driven by Art Sponsors

With gratitude from a generous grant from The Bakersfield Californian Foundation. We extend additional thanks to Hansen’s Moving and Storage, the official transportation provider; StructureCast, the official concrete base provider and the City of Bakersfield for advisement and guidance with approved and ADA compliant public exhibition locations for the Driven By Art truck tour map. 

Beth & Jo Nahama
Oriole Homes
The Quiogue Sperber Family
St. Francis Parish School
St. John’s Lutheran School
Smith's Bakeries
Vaughan Exploration
Wegis and Young Property Management

Katie & Brian Kirschenmann
Bakersfield Condors
California Fruit Depot
Peggy Darling
Don Lucas - Fine Silver Jewelry, Inc
The Fiddler-Ross Family
Melissa Fortune
Garces Memorial High School
Keri & John Gless
Kevin McCarthy