Driven by Art

Driven by Art, a public art project was created in honor of the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s 60th Year Celebration. In one of the largest and friendliest public art displays in Kern County, this project celebrates the bond between the Museum and the greater community of Bakersfield.  

Driven by Art flaunts a uniquely Bakersfield take on successful community art projects like Chicago’s Cows on Parade, New York’s Big Apples, Vacaville’s We Know Jack, Riverside’s Giant Oranges and Cincinnati’s Big Pig Gig. A fleet of 33 small-scale 1956 era fiberglass pick-up truck sculptures were painted, embellished, and festooned by some of Bakersfield's leading artists. These trucks were parked downtown on street corners, sidewalks, and roadways greeting neighbors and welcoming new friends to our town.

Why a pickup truck? The pickup truck and nostalgic period design of the 1956 era is representative of the BMoA’s year of inception and a metaphor for the Museum’s mission. From sponsor to spectator, Driven by Art was a community wide effort celebrating the heart of the Bakersfield spirit - hard work, creativity, and community. 

With the completion of the public exhibition, the trucks have been transported to their final destination as determined by each sponsor. These locations are listed on the map page. Some sponsors chose to keep their trucks as permanent display in front of their organization to remind patrons of their generous contribution to the arts and the Bakersfield community. Eleven sponsors donated their trucks to the city to be installed on the Westside Parkway. These eleven trucks can still be seen around downtown Bakersfield until they are moved to the Parkway.

Here are a few examples of the finished trucks!


Castle & Hyatt