Class Policies

Updated April, 2018

General Policies

Refund & Cancellation Policy: Requests for refunds are made two weeks prior to the start of the registered session(s). Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to the first day of your child's session(s) will be refunded at 50% of the fee paid. After the first day of your child's session, no refunds will be issued for any reasons. The BMoA reserves the right to cancel any session if enrollment is insufficient. In the event that a class is cancelled, we will contact all registrants 48 hours before offer the option of transferring to another available session, or receiving a full refund.
Absences: We reserve space for each student during their registered class time. Make-up classes are not offered.
Discounts: In order to receive a membership discount, the student or student guardian must be a member.
Waiting Lists: Once an instructor’s maximum enrollment is reached, names will be placed on a waiting list and students will be notified if an opening occurs.
Photo Release: The BMoA may take photographs of students during class for promotional and/or archival purposes. If you do not consent, please inform our Education Coordinator and record your non-consent.

Children's Class Policies

Late Policy: Students who arrive late to class will miss out on important steps and may be expected to catch up on their own. Out of consideration for our staff schedules, we ask that all students be picked up on time. The Museum reserves the right to charge a late fee of $1/minute after 10 minutes.
Drop Off/Pick Up: Students must be escorted into the museum and signed-in by an adult. Students will not be released until they are signed-out and picked up from the classroom. Please be aware that Downtown Rotary meets every Thursday at the Museum, resulting in a crowded parking lot, so we recommend arriving early for pick up.
What to Wear: While we do our best to keep your children free of stains, please send your children in clothing you are not concerned with getting dirty. All students must wear closed-toed shoes in order to participate in outside games during break.
Personal Belongings: Instructors will not allow the use of cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices during class time. We are not responsible for lost or broken items. Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
Snacks: BMoA does not provide snacks to students. Please send your child with a snack for them to enjoy during break-time.
Safety: Children are never left unattended. They are escorted to the restroom, watched while in the classroom and during breaks, and are never allowed to leave the facilities without a parent/guardian. Our instructors are background checked for your child’s safety. To ensure safety, BMoA has a no-tolerance policy on weapons, violence, and bullying.
Parents: With the exception of Side by Side or Pre-K & K Camps, we do not allow parents to remain in the classroom during sessions. This distracts the child from the teacher and project.
Discounts: In order to receive a membership discount, the parent or guardian of the child must be a member.
Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
Discipline: To ensure every child has an equal learning opportunity, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. BMoA has a 4-step infraction policy as listed in the order below:
1 - Verbal warning will be given to student
2 - Student will have a private discussion with the instructor
3 - Student will be separated from class project or break time activities
4 - Student will be sent to the Education Coordinator and parent will be notified. Depending on the circumstance, the Education Coordinator has the option of sending the student home and/or suspending the student from the program.
BMoA has zero tolerance for fighting or bullying. If a child acts out in an aggressive manner with the intent of harming another child, he/she will be suspended.
Children with Special Needs: Museum instructors do their best to ensure all children are given appropriate attention. However, we may not have the resources and staffing necessary for children with special needs. Please contact the Education Coordinator to discuss specific needs (developmental, sight, hearing, behavioral or other) your child may have. For children with physical disabilities, the Museum has wheelchair access and is able to accommodate in the classroom.