Yoga at the Museum

White Wolf Wellness Foundation has joined with BMoA to offer FREE Community Yoga and Meditation Programs at Bakersfield Museum of Art. These events explore the multiple facets of what yoga, wellness, and mindfulness can be.


Free Community Yoga

Every First Friday of the month
April - October
6:00PM - 7:15PM

Next Session:
Friday, June 7, 2019

Hatha Yoga Flow in the Garden - Inspired by the balance between Sun and Moon energies, Hatha Yoga has been balancing, healing and improving minds and bodies for over a thousand years (probably longer!).  You are never too young to start and never too old to continue practicing who you are via the mind-body connection found in Hath Yoga.  Fresh to Yoga? - Come and be inspired by others in this fun filled -challenging group practice! Seasoned Yogi? Come and inspire those new to the mat with your practice!  Seasoned, or fresh - you can’t go wrong with an outdoor practice in the beautiful BMoA sculpture garden! Hope to see you there!


New Meditation Series

Every First Wednesday of the month
May - June
10:00AM - 10:30AM

Next Session:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

By practicing meditation, we are practicing self-awareness and self-understanding. Join us for this special Meditation Series for tips and techniques while enhancing your relationship to the inspiring fine art environment of BMoA.

Donations are welcome.


2019 Schedule

May 1 | 10:00AM - 10:30AM
New Meditation Series

May 3 | 6:00PM - 7:15PM
DIY Restorative Yoga

June 5 | 10:00AM - 10:30AM
New Meditation Series

June 7 | 6:00PM - 7:15PM
Hatha Yoga Flow in the Garden

August 2 | 6:00PM - 7:15PM
Sound Bath in the Gallery

September 6 | 6:00PM - 7:15PM
Meditation in the Garden

October 4 | 6:00PM - 7:15PM
Family Yoga with Costumes

White Wolf Wellness Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that provides wellness programs, services, and initiatives in our region. A more mindful community is often a more healthy and peaceful place to live and those values are at the core of their mission.

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