Group Tours

Each year, thousands of Kern County residents receive a guided tour through the Museum’s four galleries. A qualified docent leads groups through the current exhibitions while discussing art fundamentals, art history and how they relate to the works on display. For an additional fee, tours may participate in a hands-on art project inspired by artwork currently on view.

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Group Tour Information

Museum Rules: 
To ensure the safety of not only the artwork on display, but the safety of others, BMoA has strict rules for gallery behavior. Please inform your group of these rules before arriving.
- Keep hands at least one, arms-length away from artwork and the walls
- There is no horseplay or running allowed in any areas of the museum
- It is expected that chaperones will intervene to prevent any misbehavior in the galleries
- Students must use their "inside voices;" no yelling or screaming of any kind
- Absolutely no food or drink is allowed inside the Museum
- You are allowed to take photographs, but no flash photography
Groups that fail to follow the above rules may be asked to leave and potentially be prohibited from visiting the Museum in the future.

Checking In:
Please have one representative check in with our front desk Museum Assistant and give them the total number of children and adults that will be entering the Museum. If necessary, art project payments should be made at this time. Your BMoA Docent will meet your group in front of the Museum.

Optional Art Project:
Every tour has the option to arrange an art project for children or adults during their visit. Art projects are based on the themes and visuals of our current exhibitions. See pricing below for more information.

We require one chaperone per five students (under the age of 12). Chaperones are required to remain with students at all times.

Artwork Content:
Parents and teachers should be aware that some of the artwork at the Museum may contain nudity. Please contact the front desk assistant to inquire about the content of our exhibitions before scheduling your group tour.

Backpacks and large bags are not allowed in the galleries. Please check in your belongings with the front desk assistant before your tour.

To receive a full refund for a cancellation, you must contact no later than one week before the scheduled tour date.

To secure your group tour, payment must be received in full. To pay via PO or check, please contact Natalia Perez

Group Tour Pricing

A minimum of 10 students qualifies as a group tour.

Schools and Non-Profits:
Free or $4/student with art project

Seniors (55+):
$4/visitor or $8/visitor with art project

All Other Organizations:
$5/visitor or $8/visitor with art project


*All paid tours must be paid in advance. A Museum assistant will contact you after the request form is submitted to process your payment and confirm your tour date(s)

Request A Tour

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Special needs, deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired, etc.
Date and Time Request
- Group tours must be requested 2 weeks in advance. - Group tours are approximately 60-90 minutes. - Group tours are offered between 10AM and 2PM. - Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to confirm your requested date/time.
See above for Art Project pricing.
Depending on availability, our gardens may be used for break times or lunches. Please note that we do not provide tables or chairs. Picnic blankets for sitting are recommended.