Summer Art Camp Volunteers

Volunteering for the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s summer art program can be a great experience for an aspiring artist, student, or community member. Because you have an understanding and appreciation of art and the community, you would be a perfect addition to the program.

Why you should volunteer:
• It looks great on a résumé. The Bakersfield Museum of Art is a nationally accredited museum, which means, other large institutions, businesses, and schools will recognize your experience.
• If you need references or a letter of recommendation, you will be able to contact us.
• You can use these hours as community service for school or organizations.
• You will work alongside professional working artists, gaining an understanding of future opportunities for you as an artist.

As a volunteer your duties will include:
• Assisting students with projects
• Monitoring the safety of the children
• Monitoring the safety of the artwork at the Museum
• Passing out and picking up supplies
• Cleanup and organization

• 16 or older