Photo Challenge

Here are the winners!

Be a photographer! Look at the photographs by Oscar Fernando Gómez, on display in the Photography in Mexico: From the Collection of SFMOMA exhibition. Oscar takes photographs of things he sees on his travels through Mexico as a taxi driver. Some of the things he sees outside his window are cows, dogs, a child blowing bubbles, or even a car accident. If you haven't had a chance to see the exhibit, look at some of his work below to get inspiration.  

We challenge you to take an interesting photo out of a window. Consider the windows all around you, like a bedroom, bathroom, classroom or even library window. Think about the window's frame and how it can affect your image. What's outside? Be creative! It can be personal, funny, or maybe just something that caught your eye. Send your photo to us and we will upload submissions to our Facebook page. Once it's public, share your photo with friends and family and the top 3 images that receive the most "likes" will be given two free admissions to view our current exhibitions at BMOA!  

Email your image to Andrew at (one image per person). Please provide your name, age, phone number, and title (if applicable). If possible, images should be sized no larger than 600KB. We will post images on Facebook and contact the winners after the contest is over. All ages welcome!

Submission Deadline: 12AM Sunday, December 14th
Images Posted to Facebook: 7PM Monday, December 15th
Winners Selected: 12PM Friday, December 19th

Oscar receives support from Conaculta, whose mission is to preserve Mexico’s cultural heritage in all its artistic and cultural manifestations.