Texture Printing: Ages 3-6

Let's do some texture printing! Our Side by Side students love this project so we thought we would share it with you to try at home. Texture, in art, describes how the artwork would feel if you were to touch it. Does it appear rough or soft? Wet or dry? Bumpy or smooth? See some examples below:




There are lots of objects inside or outside your house that have interesting textures. We are going to use some scrap bubble-wrap, but see what else you can find. Keep in mind you will be getting these objects messy, so try to use scraps you don't mind throwing away. Tree bark, crumpled paper, styrofoam plates, leaves and branches, or cardboard might be a good place to start.
Let's begin!

Materials you will need:
small scrap objects | paint | paintbrushes | paper 

Paint onto the raised side of your object.

Turn your object over and press it gently onto your paper.

Lift if up and see what happens! Continue with more colors. You can even overlap and mix your paints! 

All done! But keep going and try experimenting with different objects!